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We provide temporary staffing across a variety of industry verticals including supply chain, administration, accounting & finance, engineering, and operations. Our clients rely on our temporary staffing services to reduce the time and expense of hiring for short-term projects, seasonal workloads and a variety of unique circumstances that require speed and flexibility.

Purple Tree will construct a detailed and comprehensive staffing plan and manage all of the back-end paperwork including employment screening and payroll.

Temporary Staffing Fee Structure

– Fees vary per project. Contact us for more details.

When to use temporary staffing:

There’s a hiring freeze

Sometimes the workload is heavy but organizations can’t hire new full-time help. Purple Tree can help you find qualified temporary professionals to fill the gap.

You need specialized talent

If you are executing a special project and lack the people or the skills to take it to completion, Purple Tree can find industry experts to manage the project and leave when it’s done.

You have employees on leave

Whether it’s vacation, maternity leave, or short-term disability, Purple Tree staffing resources ensure you won’t lose productivity when key employees are gone.

You need interim employees

It takes about 90 days to fill a new position, plus another 30 days for the candidate to start. That’s 120 days, on average, that a position stays open and productivity suffers. Keep the ball rolling by contracting an interim employee while we work with you to place a skilled, permanent candidate.

Other Search Models

Retained Search

Retained search is recommended when filling director positions and above. Many senior leaders will only work with retained search recruiters as it demonstrates the importance a company places on the position.
– Our most comprehensive service
– Better & more responsive candidates
– Includes interview & negotiating support

Container Search

A Container Search is the best of Retained and Contingent search combined. You’ll receive unparalleled service under a shared-risk model. The client pays an engagement fee upfront and Purple Tree guarantees three exceptional candidates to choose from. If we fail to deliver, your engagement fee is returned.
– Shared-risk model
– 3 candidates guaranteed
– Comprehensive service and interview support

Contingent Search

Under our Contingent Model, you only pay a fee if you hire a candidate that Purple Tree presents to you. Contingency searches are non-exclusive but still include some of the services provided under a Retained Search agreement.
– Low risk
– Non-exclusive
– Includes interview support

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