Supply Chain and Procurement Recruiting

Supply Chain and Procurement Recruiting

Our supply chain and procurement personnel have extensive experience in global strategic sourcing, operations management, supplier relationship management, direct and indirect spend, and sales/marketing management.

We begin with intensive research into your company to understand your goals and the challenges you face. Next, we develop a strategy to attract candidates who will find long-term fulfillment as a member of your team. 

Purple Tree will construct a detailed and comprehensive recruiting plan including target companies, keywords, and search string strategies. You’ll also receive detailed weekly reports on the highly-skilled candidates we’ve contacted.

We Place:

  • Purchasing Agents and Managers
  • Strategic Sourcing Managers and Directors
  • Warehouse Operations and Logistics Managers
  • Information Systems Managers
  • Distribution and Outbound Logistics Managers
  • Transportation Managers
  • Supply Chain Executives and Directors


Our candidates are dedicated drivers of growth, committed to the success of companies who can challenge their skills and reward their successes. We work closely with potential candidates to find individuals whose goals and aspirations align with your organization’s.


Our 5-Step Process is ideal for attracting passive candidates who will add value to your team. We’ll help you identify the factors necessary for success and build a strategy to attract candidates with the right skill sets and culture-fit.


We use a multi-channel approach to attract talent and sophisticated technology to improve efficiency. Our best-in-class social media and digital marketing platform reveals insights into candidate behavior, to help you make the best decisions throughout the recruiting process. 
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