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We interview all stakeholders to gain a comprehensive understanding of your objectives and identify potential challenges. We’ll help you define the roles and expectations of everyone involved and track each step from briefing to onboarding. With your help, we’ll develop a selling points document that offers candidates a compelling look at your company and the unique benefits of joining your team.

Key Activities and Deliverables

  • Evaluate company culture
  • Interview key stakeholders
  • Identify conflicting criteria
  • Create position marketing strategy
  • Develop candidate screening questions

Key Activities and Deliverables

  • List of target companies
  • Develop interview questions
  • Internet search strategy
  • Extensive search strategy


With your team defined, it’s time to strategize. We’ll discuss skill sets and experience requirements to identify your ideal candidate. Next, we’ll compile a list of target companies and search our database for candidates that meet your requirements. This is a vital strategy and research phase that allows us to quickly target the most qualified candidates with the skills and experience to become a major asset to your team. Purple Tree handles all of the work in this phase and will send a weekly report with the details of our investigation.


Purple Tree will aggressively recruit and qualify candidates from our target companies and database leads. At the end of this step, you’ll receive profiles of our top 3-4 choices. We start with a list of hundreds and whittle it down to the best of the best.We then conduct deep research into our candidates’ backgrounds and present you with a detailed profile that examines work history, leadership potential, and skill sets.

Key Activities and Deliverables

  • Qualify candidates
  • Detailed candidate profiles
  • Reference and experience verification
  • Weekly outreach reports
  • Short-list candidates for interviews

Key Activities and Deliverables

  • Schedule and coordinate interviews
  • Interview scorecards for rapid assessment
  • Interview de-brief with stakeholders
  • Candidate offer and negotiation


We’ll send reminders to all interview team members the day before and the morning of the interview. We’ll also distribute copies of the candidate’s resume, candidate profile, interview questions and any other relevant information. During the interview itself, we’ll provide scorecards to help team members organize their thoughts and quickly compare impressions after the interview.


Purple Tree will assist in making an offer to your preferred candidate. Once negotiations are finished we’ll manage the onboarding process for a smooth transition. Tools like our on-boarding checklist will help you organize and prepare for your new hire. If the candidate requires help with relocation or questions about the new position, Purple Tree will be there to provide answers and guidance.

Key Activities and Deliverables

  • Offer acceptance
  • Onboarding Checklist
  • Counter-offer prevention
  • Project completion

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