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This is the plain text version of a sample process engineer Job Market Report for Phoenix, Arizona. This report is provided for review purposes only. If you’d like your own custom Job Market report for process engineers or any other manufacturing position, click here.


Phoenix Metro Area

Process Engineer Salary Distribution

Average Process Engineer Salary $89k

  • 6% above National Average

17,600 Process Engineers or Similar Employed

  • Number of qualified Engineers with a comparable skill-set in the area

4.2% Active Candidates

  • Number of Process Engineers or similar actively searching for a job

National Process Engineer Salary Comparison (Approximate)

  • Hillsboro, OR – $120k
  • Madison, WI – $100k
  • Chicago, IL – $95k
  • Houston, TX – $90k
  • Atlanta, GA – $85k

Local Competitor Rating

A combination of hiring activity, average salary, and employee satisfaction ratings. This number represents your top competition for process engineers

    • Company A – 9
    • Company B – 6
    • Company C – 6
    • Company D – 2
    • Company E – 0

Quick Review

Hiring for process engineers in the Phoenix Area is healthier than it’s been in the past six months as some of the region’s largest companies enter expansion phases. Salary trends remain steady, local engineers average 6% higher than the national trend. Local industry unemployment is lower than it’s been in the last two years.

Annual Hiring Activity

Hiring activity trends based on all available data for a period of no greater than 3 years. Peak hiring for engineering in the Phoenix area is April to May.

Sources for Process Engineer data:

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • NEXtEC Group
  • RSM

This is the plain text version of our Process Engineer Job Market Report. Confidential information has been removed from this report. This is for review purposes only and Purple Tree cannot guarantee that the information on this page is up to date.

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