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A Container Search is the best of Retained and Contingent search combined. You’ll receive unparalleled service under a shared-risk model. The client pays an engagement fee upfront and Purple Tree guarantees three exceptional candidates to choose from. If we fail to deliver, your engagement fee is returned

We begin with intensive research into your company to understand your goals and the challenges you face. Next, we develop a strategy to attract candidates who will find long-term fulfillment as a member of your team. We will interview all key stakeholders to understand their concerns and expectations then we’ll work with your HR department to ensure efficiency and cooperation throughout the process. If requested, we visit your facilities and interview executives in-person.

Purple Tree will construct a detailed and comprehensive recruiting plan including target companies, keywords, and search string strategies. You’ll also receive detailed weekly reports on the highly-skilled candidates we’ve contacted.

Benefits of Container Search

– Shared-risk model
– 3 candidates guaranteed
– Comprehensive service and interview support

Container Search Fee Structure

– Engagement Fee due on project start
– Final payment due 30 days after onboarding
– 3 qualified candidates in 4 weeks or we’ll return your engagement fee

When to use a container search model

Your search is taking too long

If your search has been open more than three months and you’ve found few or no viable candidates, a Container Search may be appropriate. A container search model provides the benefits of our in-depth search services and a guarantee that you’ll receive qualified candidates in about 4 weeks.

Your competition is fierce

If the market is competitive for your talent pool, a container search is the right choice. The best talent is rarely found on Monster or Yahoo job boards. Purple Tree Recruiting’s comprehensive service helps you locate and attract highly-skilled candidates in competitive industries.

Your need passive candidates

Many organizations seek to hire candidates who aren’t currently active in the market. Often these high-performing individuals are the most valuable and highly sought after in the industry. If you’re struggling to access and recruit these ideal candidates, container search is a perfect option.

Your position is difficult or complex

If you require comprehensive support in hiring top industry talent for a complex role, Purple Tree’s container search offers the combination of value and service. Whether your challenges come from within or without, Purple Tree will use data, communication, and technology to navigate obstacles and turn problems into opportunities.

Other Search Models

Retained Search

Retained search is recommended when filling director positions and above. Many senior leaders will only work with retained search recruiters as it demonstrates the importance a company places on the position.
– Our most comprehensive service
– Better & more responsive candidates
– Includes interview & negotiating support

Contingent Search

Under our Contingent Model, you only pay a fee if you hire a candidate that Purple Tree presents to you. Contingency searches are non-exclusive but still include some of the services provided under a Retained Search agreement.
– Low risk
– Non-exclusive
– Includes interview support

Temporary Staffing

We provide temporary staffing across a variety of industry verticals including supply chain, administration, accounting & finance, engineering, and operations. Our temporary staffing services reduce the time and expense of hiring for short-term projects, seasonal workloads and in circumstances that require speed and flexibility.
-Complete workforce solutions
– We handle payroll and paperwork
-Hourly employees without the hassle

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