Matching candidate objectives with company culture

50-to-Fit is Purple Tree’s in-house assessment tool that allows companies to identify their ideal candidates and then hire the individuals who best fit their unique culture. 50-to-Fit is based on academic research and 15 years of hands-on experience in corporate and industrial recruiting. After years of matching candidates and companies, we’ve turned our techniques into a simple, repeatable system and now we’re turning it loose on the world.

50-to-Fit is already built-in to all of our comprehensive recruiting packages, but we wanted to make our system available to everyone regardless if they work with us or not. We believe 5tF can be a supremely useful tool for companies to evaluate their culture and find candidates who will be a perfect fit. Research has proven that when candidate expectations align with company culture, employees stay longer and have greater job satisfaction than employees who were hired based on personality tests or skill-matching alone.

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Just tell us a little about yourself and we’ll send you the 5tF Startup Kit. Use 5tF to examine your company culture, measure culture alignment of your current employees, and evaluate incoming candidates. If you aren’t sure how to make the most of our cultural assessment tool, download it and read the brief guide. It’s easy and actually quite a bit of fun.

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